Time After Time
Sept 30 - Nov. 17, 2021 
Guild Gallery II - 119 9th Ave

La Bonbonniere, NYC. Nov, 2021

La Bonbonniere

Hello, I'm Tommy Mintz. Welcome to my website.
My work draws upon the aesthetics of street photography, digital culture, mapping and performace. My most recent work is the Automated Digital Photo Collage (ADPC), an algorithmic time-lapse collage. Above are links to some installation views of past interactive installations of the ADPC. An ongoing collection of my street photography is called Cheap Shots. I also made the NYC Public Toilet Map in 2008.  I'm a member of the Institute for Wishful Thinking, a loose collective of artists whose work focuses on social issues.  I am also an Assistant Professor of Photography at CUNY Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, NY.

ADPC of Flatiron and Reflection, 3/2021

Algorithmic Photographic Collage, 8249x10455 pixel .jpg 

Horse Stable

14th Street, NYC, Febrary, 2021

6th Ave and 3rd St, February, 2021

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Thank you for your time and attention. I appreciate all feedback.

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